WP Overview

Work Package 1: CROSS +


Adriana Marcucci (ETHZ)

Christian Schaffner (ETHZ) 


What we do:

We develop and maintain an open data and model platform to facilitate Swiss energy research and form the underlying administrative support structure for all data and model related activities within CoSi. The platform provides open, unified, and standardized access to energy research documentation,
energy research data, and CoSi scenario definitions and results; and monitors the co-evolution of the
Swiss energy system and the Swiss society (see also SWEET-CROSS).


1. Provide an open energy research data platform for sharing model inputs and research outputs.

2. Provide a platform for description of energy research approaches from relevant disciplines.

3. Create a platform for discussing and comparing findings from SWEET scenario analyses.

4. Provide systematic description of CoSi scenarios.

5. Define input assumptions (uncertainty ranges) for energy models taking into account insights
from SSHs and stakeholders, to ensure that simulation results can be compared in a meaningful

6. Monitor relevant developments for the energy transition, i.e., indicators of energy use and CO2
emissions, of consumer behavior and of selected social and institutional developments.



Peter Merian-Weg 6

4052 Basel