Past Events

March 2024

Successful completion of the Modeller workshop

Recap of Modeller Workshop Event: Insights from CoSi Project and CROSS Model Results

Energy experts convened on March 22nd for the Modeller Workshop Event, delving into the intricacies of the CoSi project and the insights gleaned from the CROSS model results. The event emphasized interdisciplinary collaboration, highlighting the significance of data coordination, scenario development, and stakeholder engagement in shaping the energy landscape.

Insights from CROSS Model Results: Attendees gained valuable insights into energy scenarios in Switzerland through the comprehensive analysis provided by the CROSS model. Key highlights included the necessity of wind and thermal energy in specific scenarios, the pivotal role of electrolysis for storage, and the utilization of electricity for harnessing excess solar energy in various applications. Discussions also touched upon the significance of pumped hydro, imports, and flexibility providers in shaping the energy system, offering a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities in transitioning to sustainable energy.

Addressing Scenario Definition: The event underscored the importance of enhancing the connection between scenarios, decision-making, and models. Historical contexts, such as the 1970s energy crisis, were considered, alongside personal stakeholder experiences and traditional approaches to scenarios. The agenda included discussions on potential research directions within CoSi for improving decision-making representation, fostering collaborative discussion through interactive workshops.

In addition to these insights, the event covered various other pertinent topics, including leveraging methodologies from weather and climate for energy modeling, distinguishing between predictions and projections, discussing scenario processes and intercomparisons, highlighting communication strategies, and emphasizing the importance of building a community and fostering shared understanding among stakeholders beyond data.

January 2024

CoSi launched the 1st Assembly

We are pleased to inform you that the consortium successfully held its first meeting on January 23rd in Bern – the SWEET CoSi Assembly. We shared common visions and challenges to enable a successful co-evaluation of the Swiss energy system and society. Together, we developed detailed roadmaps for true inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration in the CoSi consortium for the next nine years.



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