WP Overview

Work Package 3: Exchange and Co-Creation


Yann Blumer (ZHAW)

What we do:

WP3 provides the governance structure to facilitate exchange and co-creation. The goal is to establish a collaborative ecosystem consisting of representatives from science, industry, policy, and civil society, and thus integrate different fields of knowledge (researchers) and practice (stakeholders).

Objectives :

1. Support an interactive and systematic dialogue between stakeholders, SSH scientists and
modelling communities to foster innovation via community building and guided interactions.

2. Co-produce research questions with stakeholders and SSH researchers to increase the salience
and explanatory value of CoSi’s modelling and scenario activities.

3. Identify stakeholders’ interests, capabilities and needs regarding energy models and scenarios
to improve their usability and increase their impact in real-world decision- and policymaking.

4. Develop opportunitiesfor joint projects, additional funding opportunities, and cooperative outputs
among CoSi members, external researchers, and stakeholders.



Peter Merian-Weg 6

4052 Basel