WP Overview

Work Package 4: The Role of individual behavior for the Swiss energy system


Ulf Hahnel (UNIBAS) 

Hannes Weigt (UNIBAS)

What we do:

WP4 focusses on the individual as consumer and decision maker when it comes to energy related behavior because of the complex role the individual citizen has in the energy transition.

Objectives :

1. Define key consumer behaviors, their underlying drivers, and their evolution in the context of the Swiss energy transition and integrate them into a joint framework of individual consumer decision-making (SSH-model framework).

2. Improve representation of individual decision-making by means of empirical-experimental data assessment and integration of decision data into energy models, especially in agent based models (ABM).

3. Develop an interface to link the findings from WP4 with WP1 and WP2 to obtain more plausible modeling methodologies and model results that can be added to the WP2 modeling toolbox.



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4052 Basel