CoSi at a glance

Our main objectives

1. CoSi as a platform for exchange: In order to link the involved disciplines, to develop a common understanding, and to achieve a co-creation process with stakeholders, CoSi will function as a bridge for the different energy research communities from natural sciences and engineering, business and economics, and social science and humanities as well as between researchers and stakeholders.

2. CoSi as test-lab for new approaches to energy modeling: In order to enhance the usability of models, scenario structures, and simulation insights, CoSi will coordinate model activities in Switzerland to harmonize assumptions, scenarios, and narratives/storylines and provide an open documentation of these points. CoSi will not only enhance existing model approaches but will also introduce new approaches to derive future scenarios with a more integrative techno-socio-economic model setting.

3. CoSi as a window into the Swiss future: In order to provide meaningful pathways of the Swiss future, CoSi will combine the co-creative narrative process and the improved and new model approaches to run a set of CoSi-scenarios that provide a quantification of those integrative narratives.

Expected outcomes

1. CoSi Scenarios providing the results and insights of our co/created model runs and comparisions in SWEET and beyond.

2. An integration toolbox providing a range of different methods and approaches how to combine and integrate research results from SSH and techno-economic models. The toolbox will be designed to be useful for other SWEET projects as well as future model- or scenario-based work on energz transitions.

3. An inter-comparison of models and methods to answer policy questions for the transition.

4. Topical investigations providing comprehensive answers to insights on specific SSH oriented questions in the context of the energy transition.

5. Five focus reports addressing relevant topics of the Swiss energy transition.



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